BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD becomes climate neutral!

Climate change affects the whole world – and now it is time to take action. Each of us can make the world a little bit better and so we are also constantly looking critically at our processes and optimising them. Since our launch in 2017, we have been focusing on 100% NATRUE® certified, 100% VEGAN registered care products with superfoods in organic quality. For us as a natural cosmetics brand, climate neutrality is now the logical next step for a concrete contribution to climate protection.


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We are pleased to be able to certify our product range as climate neutral, step by step, together with ClimatePartner. The goal is the complete climate neutrality of our products and the entire brand, which we want to achieve through measures of CO2 reduction and compensation of unavoidable emissions. ClimatePartner stands for transparency and guaranteed traceability in climate protection and is verified by independent third parties – and has been doing so since 2006, with 2,000 companies in 35 countries to date. The ClimatePartner climate-neutral label will gradually appear on our products over the next few months. It confirms that unavoidable emissions of the labelled product have been calculated and offset through accredited climate protection projects.


Climate neutrality – how does it work?

Completely emission-free products cannot exist. Therefore, climate neutrality means that the CO2 emissions of a process, in our case our products and our brand are being,


reduced where possible and

where unavoidable, offset by supporting a climate protection project.

To offset our emissions, we support a recognised climate protection project that is certified according to international standards: the Ecomapuá acai project in Parà, Brazil.

Forest protection in Pará, Brazil – our climate protection project

We support the Acai project Ecomapuá in Brazil, which focuses on forest protection and the creation of alternative sources of income for the local people. The “Várzea” in Pará is a special and very unique ecosystem at the mouth of the Brazilian Amazon. The Ecomapuá project protects more than 86,000 hectares of forest and prohibits commercial logging. It creates alternative sources of income for the local families, for example through trade in the açaí fruit. This is not only popular in Brazil, but also in our country. At BIO:VÉGANE, we use the acai fruit as the lead ingredient in our organic acai range. For this reason, this project is our ‘perfect match’ and we are very happy to support it.

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BIO:VÉGANE x Tierschutzverein Rastatt und Umgebung e.V.


Since summer 2020, we have been a sponsor of the Tierschutzverein Rastatt und Umgebung e.V. and the associated animal shelter. Because it is a matter of the heart for us to support our conviction for vegan natural cosmetics without animal testing by working with a local institution with practical deeds.

In addition to monetary support for the animal welfare association and thus the associated animal shelter, we would like to use our reach to educate people about procedures, problems and support options in the daily life of the animal shelter.

Image Source: Forest Conservation, Pará, Brazil. climatepartner.com/1056.

All animals pictured come from the Rastatt Animal Shelter of the Tierschutzverein Rastatt und Umgebung e.V..


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