Serienmuster BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD Bio Acai Serie


Superpower for the face – for combination skin in balance!

Sometimes dry, sometimes oily, sometimes impure. Combination skin is not always easy to deal with and needs care that brings it back into balance. With the Organic Acai Face Fluid, we at BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD offer the perfect solution for balanced combination skin. With its ideal balance of moisture, light oils, anti-inflammatory ingredients and mattifying elements, the facial fluid balances the skin. It is soothed, shine is reduced and impurities are prevented.

Bio Acai Gesichtsfluid Behältnis
Organic Acai

Face Fluid

For oily combination skin

clarifyingThe complexion appears more balanced and purified. The skin appears evenly cared for. RefiningPore size and shine are minimized. MattifyingExcess oil is absorbed. Mix & MatchCan be combined with all BIO:VÉGANE products.


The light gel-based cream reduces pore size, visibly refines, clarifies and mattifies the skin's appearance and absorbs excess skin oil.
Vegan, without animal cruelty, NATRUE certified
Organic Acai Face Fluid with ingredients
Textures of the Organic Acai Serum, Care and Fluid
Organic Acai Face Fluid with new and old folding boxes
BIO:VÉGANE Organic Acai Series
Organic Acai Face Fluid Folding Box
Organic Acai Face Fluid Folding Box
Organic Acai Face Fluid with new and old folding boxes

Organic Acai
Face Fluid

The light BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD Organic Acai Face Fluid with the superfood extract organic acai berry brings combination skin back into balance, visibly refines the complexion and supports the natural protection function of the skin. Babassu-extract absorbs excess oil and minimizes the pore size. A mix of light wild rose oil, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid counteracts moisture loss and gently nourishes the skin. The skin appears even, mattified and noticeably clearer.

How to Face Fluid:
A wide range of applications

☀️ as a light care for the summer in warm temperatures.

🌸 as care for the day – complementary to a richer care in the evening.

💪 as an additional beauty boost – applied before a 24H care.

⚖️ for additional balance for oily and combination skin.

To use: Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing and massage in gently.

Main ingredients

Inhaltsstoff Bio Acai Beere

Protects against skin cell damage.

Inhaltsstoff Bio Jojobaöl und Wildrosenöl

Boosts the skin cell production.

Inhaltsstoff Hyaluron-Säure

Supplies skin with lavish moisture and helps to bind it long-lastingly

Inhaltsstoff Babassuextrakt

Absorbs excess oil from the skin and softens pore size.

Not all combination skin is the same

Impurities, large pores, oily skin in the t-zone or dry patches on the cheeks? Combination skin is probably the most versatile skin type of all. It can have many forms and is therefore not always easy to deal with. A care product for combination skin brings the skin back into balance and provides the additional care it needs.

Frau mit strahlenden Augen

Organic Acai Face Fluid and Organic Acai 24H Care:
The difference

Organic Acai

24h Care

Visibly improved complexion + Balancing

Complexion improvingThe complexion is visibly improved, the skin appears even and nourished. MattifyingPores and shine are minimized. Mix & MatchCan be combined with all BIO:VÉGANE products.

Acts against moisture loss, boosts skin cell regeneration and minimizes pore size und oiliness visibly.
Öko Test Acai, Vegan, ohne Tierversuche, NATRUE zertifiziert

Serum, Face Fluid and 24H Care: Who is who?

Textures of the Organic Acai Serum, Care and Fluid


  • very fluid, almost watery texture that is particularly easy to work in and absorb
  • use after cleansing and toning
  • intensified care effect



  • lighter than a care, but richer than a serum
  • to use after the serum and before the care, or instead of care depending on the skin type
  • has a care effect, even when used alone



  • richest texture of the three products
  • final step of the care routine
  • supplies the skin with valuable moisture and protects against external influences

A Limited Edition becomes part of the regular range!

Phiaka mit dem Limited Edition Gesichtsfluid

An organic acai face fluid by BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD – you’ve heard that before, right?

Yes, you’re right – because the product was created in 2020 in collaboration with @Phiaka and released as a limited edition. We and @Phiaka are very pleased that the product was so well received by you that we have now, in 2021, been able to include it in our regular range.♥

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Serienmuster BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD Bio Acai Serie
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