Keep calm – just kiss!

Caution, danger of addiction! The calming and at the same time anti-inflammatory effect of the cold-pressed nutrient miracle pampers not only stressed skin but also chapped and dry lips. No wonder, because the valuable superfood extract Organic Hemp Seed Oil is a real beauty weapon and a real all-rounder – and now also available in the perfect dose for stressed lips.

But you as a care lover can stay totally chilled: The hemp seeds, which are the basis for the hemp oil products, do not contain any tetrahydrocannabnol (THC) – the intoxicating active ingredient is only found in the resin of the plant

Organic Hemp

Lip Care

for silky lips

NourishingNourishes soft lip area and prevents dehydration. ProtectingProtects from negative environmental factors. MoisturizingMoisturizes dry patches. StrengtheningStrengthens the skin’s natural protective layer.

The gentle lip care, enriched with precious superfood extract organic hemp seed oil and organic sheabutter, prevents dehydration and help to keep the lips feeling soft and moisturized.
Vegan, ohne Tierversuche, NATRUE zertifiziert
Organic Acai

Face Fluid

Balancing + mattifying

Complexion improvingThe complexion is visibly improved, the skin appears even and nourished. Binds hydrationPrevents moisture loss and strengthens skin’s natural protection. MattifyingPores and shine are minimized. Mix & MatchCan be combined with all BIO:VÉGANE products.

Brings skin back into balance, visibly refines the complexion, absorbs excess oil and softens the pore size. Counteracts moisture loss and gently nourishes the skin.
Vegan, ohne Tierversuche, NATRUE zertifiziert


The lips need special care – the skin structure of the skin on the lips is very different from the skin on the face.

The delicate BIO:VÉGANE Organic Hemp Lip Care with Superfood Extract Organic Hemp Seed Oil provides rich care for healthy and well-cared for lips. Organic shea butter and organic argan oil preserve the moisture of the lips and provide a pleasantly smooth feeling. Organic jojoba oil smoothes and cares for chapped areas. For healthy and well-groomed lips.

Perfectly groomed lips in a beauty rush – with our  Organic Hemp Lip Care

Keep calm – just kiss! Die Bio Hanf Lippenpflege mit Bio-Hanf-Samen-Öl ist ein echtes Allround-Talent:

💚 Sie spendet reichhaltige Pflege

💚 Sie bindet Feuchtigkeit

💚 Sie glättet und pflegt spröde Stellen

💚 Sie beruhigt und regeneriert irritierte Lippen

💚 Sie stärkt die natürliche Schutzbarriere der zarten Lippenpartie

💚 Sie schützt vor Wind, Wetter und anderen Umwelteinflüssen

💚 Sie verleiht zarten Glanz

Main ingredients

Contains high amounts of omega 3 and 6 and helps to protect the skin.

Provides intensive care for the delicate skin of the lips, binds moisture and protects against dehydration and environmental influences.

Keep calm + hemp on! Our Organic Hemp series for all-round relaxed skin

Our philosophy

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