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Of course not. BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD has never conducted animal testing since its founding. According to EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, animal testing for cosmetic products is prohibited in the EU. According to the current legislation, the necessary safety assessments are carried out for cosmetic products. In addition, product safety is ensured by tests with dermatologists. Our products meet the latest requirements and are certified by NATRUE® and registered with the Vegan Society. By wearing the respective seals, it is expressed that the product, as well as its production processes and ingredients, are vegan and free of animal testing.

BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD is a brand of the BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group GmbH, headquartered in the northern Black Forest, in Baden-Baden to be precise. As one of the leading independent cosmetic companies in Germany, everything from the product concept through to the research & development, production and distribution into over 60 countries all takes place under one roof. Therefore all BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD products are produced in Germany.

Our raw ingredients we source from Europe, the lead ingredients – Superfood extracts – come from controlled organic agriculture in Asia and South America.

All BIO:VÉGANE products are registered at the Vegan Society in London and are therefore free from animal extracts and 100% vegan. Along with being vegan, the products are also gluten und lactose free and have received the NATRUE® certification.

NATRUE® are an independant seal that distinguish natural cosmetics brands, these have to fullfill the highest standards of naturalness, quality, credibility and transparency.

All BIO:VÉGANE Products are gluten and lactose free.

The production of the BIO:VÉGANE products is conducted under the strict production and quality control for cosmetics guidelines of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) of the Worldhealth Organisation (WHO). Our BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD natural concept places importance on not only the quality of the ingredients, but also regularly sends the final products to an external testing institute.

BIO:VÉGANE products leave our premises in perfect condition. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact or write to us via Instagram @bio.vegane. We will get back to you as soon as possible and find a solution for the matter at hand.

The main priority for BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD is to produce very skin tolerable products. All products are dermatologially tested and undergo regular quality controls at an external institute. Nevertheless it is impossible to competetly rule out, that any of the used ingredients might cause skin reactions in single cases. If you have any questions regarding for example single ingredients, please call our hotline: 0800 522 44 77.

BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD products are very skin tolerant and dermatologically tested. Due to the variety of different ingredients used which can cause allergic reactions, we can never rule allergies out. With our ingredients selection we were sure to choose ingredients with a very low allergenic potential. We are happy to help you and can go through any possible allergies with you, call our hotline 0800 522 44 77. Do you have an allergy pass? That way we can help you even quicker.

We find it great when natural skincare has a pleasant scent. Our fragrances have to be 100% made of natural ingredients, because our fragrances are composed of a variety of complex ingredients, we label them in the ingredients list as „ PERFUME (FRAGRANCE)”.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Germany in such a way that they are not comedogenic, i.e. they do not clog the skin pores. Since this is a matter of course for us, we do not claim this property directly on the product or packaging. 

On the Internet you can find various lists of ingredients that are suspected of aggravating the development of blackheads or acne. The emphasis here is on “suspected”, because there is no conclusive evidence. Moreover, everyone’s skin is very individual and therefore reacts differently. In order to prevent skin-caring oils and components of creams from getting stuck in the pores, a mild but effective daily cleansing is essential. This applies for normal to rather combination skin as well as for demanding or rather dry skin. 

In general, it is possible that the mother’s skin changes during pregnancy – becomes drier, more oily, and so on. It is important to adapt your individual skin care to this, should there be changes.  

Our products all undergo a safety assessment and dermatological testing on volunteers. All products are not dangerous, even during pregnancy. But: For ethical reasons, our products are not tested on pregnant women, which is why we do not make any definitive statement about tolerance during pregnancy. If you want to be absolutely sure, we recommend clarifying the INCIs with a doctor, who will certainly be able to help you in detail. 

Our packaging consists of glas, paper and plastic and are 100% recylable. Selecting our packaging we deliberately chose materials, that provided the optimal protection for our senstive natural skincare. Tubes and bottles are not allowed to emit any substances into the contained product. Necessary product boxes are made in accordance with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, a 1993 founded organisation focused on the sustainable use of forests). Further more we are continuously optimising our packaging reagrding the weight and sustainability.

Our products are minimaly conserved and therefore, due to microbiological and hygienic reasons, the refilling of the products is not provided.

A specialised eye care product is essential, as the skin around the eyes is very thin and more sensitive than the rest of the face.

Yes, the products of the different product ranges can be combined together. Our customer service is happy to advise on which products to use and which products suit your skin type best.

Simular to food, single ingredients can possibly go off, if stored in the wrong conditions. This applies particularly to already open products. Here a few tips how to store and use your cosmetics properly:

  • only open the product when you are about to start using it
  • open products should be used within 6 months
  • make sure to always close all products properly
  • store the products in a dry,cool and dark place
  • products passed their sell by date, should be discarded once they start to smell or feel different
  • only use clean fingers in the products or a clean spatula
  • Organic Papaya AHA Tonic with 5% AHA acid
  • Organic Papaya AHA Night Serum with 2% AHA acid
  • Organic Papaya AHA 24H Care with 1,5% AHA acid
  • Our natural AHA acid contains


Our AHA acid is composed of:

  • Glycolic acid (from sugar cane): Reaches the uppermost skin layers quickly and easily and ensures healthier skin.
  • Citric acid: Regulates the pH value of the skin to a tolerable, beauty-efficient level
  • Tartaric acid: Supports other peeling substances and helps the skin to reach the perfect PH value.
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mouth. 
  • It is normal to experience a tingling sensation after application. 
  • Protect skin from sun exposure during the day. 

A face fluid is lighter than a care, but thicker than a serum. It can be applied under a skincare but also cares enough on its own. A fluid contains a smaller amount of oil and absorbs faster. A serum is very liquid and due to its special texture can be worked into the skin. The additional use of a serum before a 24h care also intensifies the care effect. The 24h care is the conclusion of the skincare routine and provides the skin with sufficient moisture and protects it against dehydration. It usually has a heavier and richer texture than a fluid or serum.